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Nearly two years ago I started working full time in a school with young children, many with challenging behaviour. Nearly two years ago I stopped making pots and started making small figures. I’ve been thinking about how the two are connected. I’d always aimed for a calm, quiet place at the heart of my pots but when I started the new job that space seemed more like a hiding place than a sanctuary. Somehow, I needed a more direct way to explore my own response to working in an environment saturated with other people’s emotions. Gradually, the figures emerged, first heads, then torsos. Eventually, earlier this year, I started working on the figures. Initially just a way of trying to cope with a new job they now offer a way of working through my responses to life’s wider challenges. Obviously, they’re personal but I’m hopeful that they might go beyond being beneficial just to me and may also offer solace to anyone else dealing with life’s vicissitudes!