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Studio 5
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Starting from a pinched form, I gradually build up the body of the pot using coils of clay. I enjoy the slow, steady pace of this way of working, getting to know each pot intimately, inside and out. The space inside always feels as important as the external form and I aim for a calm, quiet place at the heart of each piece.

I focus on simple forms exploring curves, hollows and scoops. I’m constantly handling my pots during the making process and hope for a tactile quality in the finished piece – if someone instinctively reaches out to touch a pot I know I’m heading in the right direction.

I handbuild in crank, a heavily grogged stoneware with a sandy texture. Some pots are left unglazed and fired to 1280°C in an electric kiln. The variation in colour, ‘toasting’, in these unglazed pots results from proximity to kiln elements and other glazed ware during firing. Other pots are raku fired using a copper glaze. Immediately after firing they are either reduced or oxidised to give a metallic lustre or bright turquoise finish respectively – often a combination of both will occur on the same pot. This is an exciting and unpredictable firing process and provides a valuable contrast to the quiet control of handbuilding.