Renting a Studio

Lease Agreement

Studios are let with 24-hour access on a month-to-month basis allowing maximum flexibility for artists. If your circumstances change and you want to give up your studio we require just one month’s notice. As a condition of the lease we also require:
- £100 refundable deposit.
- Monthly rent in advance on the first of the month paid by direct debit.

Sizes and Costs

Studio charges vary from building to building, quality of studio space, size of floor area and whether the studio is shared, partitioned, or self-contained. Current rental rates start from £70 per calendar month. This monthly rent includes: business rates, building maintenance, management costs and water charges. Electricity is separately metered for each studio.


Sub-lets are not routinely permitted although studio holders may sub-let their studio for up to 1 year in certain specific circumstances, for example, while away on a residency. Any such arrangements must be approved in advance by Muspole Workshops and all responsibilities for the studio rental and electricity charges will remain with the studio holder.


As with sub-letting, studio shares can only be arranged with the consent of Muspole Workshops. Contracts will usually only be signed with one named individual per studio so that Muspole Workshops are not exposed to shortfalls in rent due to the evolving arrangements of sharing tenants. The leaseholder is ultimately responsible for studio rental and should the leaseholder decide to give up their space, the lease will not automatically be passed to the studio share.

If you wish to enquire about availability it would be useful to consider the following in your requirements:-
-shared space, partitioned or self-contained
-the importance of natural light
-ceiling height
-3 phase electricity
-disability access
-ground floor access
-extra ventilation

If you would like to ask about availability or any other issue to do with studio rental go to our Contact page.